I Tried Recruiting With AI and Here’s What Happened

July 27, 2020

This past June I graduated from Princeton University and entered the business world. I interned in HR/Recruiting in summers past, and while I liked it, I learned pretty quickly that the space had a lot of room for innovation. So, I went into my job search with the goal of finding an innovative role in talent management or HR.

Enter Upsider: interviews with Upsider were informative and exciting – Upsider is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate the most time-consuming parts of the sourcing process, and it clicked: this was the innovation that the recruiting space needed, and what I wanted to be a part of.

Old School

When I first joined Upsider, my time was spent as a recruiter, executing with traditional recruiting tactics – browsing resume databases, sourcing on social networks, etc. – for a group of full-service clients. The job requirements and hiring timelines were not based on data, but on an internal, client-imposed set of milestones, i.e. “Need a new salesperson to start next month in Phoenix!…”.  Forecasting candidate pools, conversion rates, and hiring timelines was complete guesswork. I spent most of my time just trying to find the right people to message, and it left little time for the strategic work of personalization and nurturing. Really, the whole process was pretty inefficient.

New School

My timing to join Upsider aligned well with their timeline to start internally testing their new AI recruiting tools. Before long, I transitioned to using the Upsider Intelligent Sourcing  System (ISS), and that was a huge game changer. Suddenly, my time was super optimized; when we took on a new role, instead of spending weeks trying to identify a target group of candidates, I was immediately presented with a list of candidates that aligned with the business and the specifics of the role. Additionally, there were data-driven insights that I could use in my outreach to the candidates. I was told by candidates I worked with that the data insights were also helpful to them in evaluating whether or not they wanted to learn more about the role and the employer.

Upsider’s AI tools allowed me to focus on high-value activities, like more personalized messages and establishing relationships with the candidates. I was able to spend more time on the things that mattered, instead of using it all up researching and looking through the haystack of profiles. Using our product, I saw my productivity metrics increased by 5x in the number of candidates calls I was having per week, and that continued on through the rest of my recruiting funnel (candidate submittals, interviews, etc.).

Example of our AI in Action:

We received a call from a client with an urgent need to backfill for someone who unexpectedly resigned. They let us know during this call that they’d reached out to four recruiting agencies to work on the role as well. Through the use of our ISS, we were able to submit eight well-matched candidates by the end of that week, while the four agencies submitted just one person. And that’s not one each, but one total!

AI is the Future, and the Future is Now

In 2017, AI was (and probably will continue to be) ubiquitous– it’s the subject of countless articles and the foundation of numerous startups, and while I’d heard and read a lot about how AI would impact industries and jobs, I never directly experienced AI in a specific application that impacted my workflow until I got to Upsider. While everyone talks about AI taking jobs, this is an application that makes me more valuable. My productivity measurably increased, and I was able to eliminate the monotonous aspects of recruiting – if this is the future, I am so in!

I know you recruiters out there would love to get in on this awesome technology, and that’s the best part! We’ve built our ISS to be accessible to any company and/or recruiter. If you’d like to see a demo, feel free to visit us here:

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