We've Been Acquired! Upsider Joins Recruiter.com

April 6, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Recruiter.com, a leading hiring platform delivering on-demand recruiting technology, has acquired Upsider!

When we founded Upsider, we set out to tackle tough recruiting challenges using the power of machine learning and data science. Our goal: Create an easier, more reliable way to find and engage the right candidates in the often overwhelming sea of passive talent. So, we developed a tool that was fast, efficient, and predictive — a tool that helps recruiters discover and connect with diverse candidates who have what it takes to thrive in their roles.

We truly believe Upsider can transform the market by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to put the human connection back at the heart of the recruiting process. Now that we’re part of the Recruiter.com family, we have an opportunity to accelerate that vision.

Upsider is at home alongside the rest of Recruiter.com’s innovative SaaS tools. Our missions and our visions are aligned: We want to give recruiters smart data and leading technology that makes their lives easier, so they can spend more time building the kind of genuine, human-to-human relationships that land best-fit candidates. Together, we can innovate faster. We can get Upsider into the hands of more recruiters and hiring managers, empowering them to deliver on what matters most: meaningful human connections.

Thank you all for your support in getting us here! We’re excited for what the future holds, and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Josh & The Upsider Team

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