ATS Search

Upsider's ATS integration makes it easy to score and engage inbound and former applicants.

Easy access to your existing candidate data

Most recruiters do not use ATS data when sourcing for a new search. It's not because they don't think it's valuable, the data is just too difficult to use and most of the profiles are out of date. Upsider solves these problems through our bi-directional integrations with most ATS platforms.

Capabilities include:

  • Refresh ATS data. On average, 75% of ATS data is out of date. We fix this problem by automatically refreshing the data with current employment and contact information.
  • Score inbound appicatants. Don't waste time reviewing every single application. Upsider scores applications against the job requirements and surfaces the best fits.
  • Search & score the entire ATS data. Start new searches by evaluating candidates that have already expressed interest in your company. Upsider's candidate matching AI will surface the most relevant candidates from your ATS data. Focus on that segment first, then expand out to the larger Upsider candidate universe.

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