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Embrace data transformation to create a high performing recruiting process.

Transform your recruiting with a modern data-driven process

The Upsider strategy team can provide an audit of the entire recruiting process to transform it into an efficient, data-driven engine. The process includes an audit of your current requirements gathering, recruiting stages, metrics, scorecards, and hiring manager engagement. The team will identify inefficiencies, data/analytics gaps, communication breakdowns, and will develop a multi-step process to reimagine the recruiting process by leveraging data, technology, and process to create a highly predictable engine.

Strategic solutions can be custom based on goals, or clients can select one of the turn key programs below:

Analytics Audit

Definition, analysis, and process for full funnel metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). 

Key goals and metrics

  • Offer acceptance rate
  • Time to fill
  • Recruiter capacity & productivity forecast


  • Forecast process
  • Conversion model
  • A/B testing framework

Interview process

  • Stage definition
  • Conversion analytics model
  • Optimization strategy
  • Feedback framework

Search Design

Creation of a high performing and predictable search process.

Audit of current process

  • Requirements review
  • Job descriptions
  • Candidate supply check
  • Resource requirements 
  • Interview scorecard
  • Cost per hire data


  • Requirements prioritization
  • Job descriptions
  • Supply identified in Upsider 
  • Hiring forecast
  • Data-driven interview scorecard
  • ROI analysis

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